Thursday, 6 October 2016

Donald Trump's Debate Evaluation

After having the opportunity to watch the first 2016 presidential debate in its entirety, it is clear that Donald Trump’s debate skills are lacking, to say the least. The area where he requires the most improvement in is demonstrating respect. His inability to respect not only his opponent, but the moderator as well was apparent through his constant interruptions when it was not his turn to speak, and his refusal to stop when his time limit expired. From shouting “You’re wrong!” at Hillary Clinton when she said something he disagreed with, to rolling his eyes at her, Donald Trump’s behaviour can be described as immature. Another area where Donald is in need of improvement is his verbal communication skills. During the debate, he often resorted to using an aggressive and sarcastic tone when addressing Hillary, which did not reflect well on his temperament. He also struggled with using proper terminology, even once using the term “braggadocious”, which is not an actual word according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Finally, in order to better identify his purpose and goals, Donald needs to focus on the task at hand by actually answering the question the moderator is asking. In addition, the questions he did answer were extremely repetitive and therefore had a lack of substance. His narrow-minded thinking focused too much on the specifics and prevented him from elaborating on the big picture such as why or even how his goals will be achieved.

The only debates that I personally have ever participated in have been for English class, and because the main focus was to demonstrate good debate skills as opposed to winning, my debate experiences are quite dissimilar to the Trump/Clinton debate. The main difference I noticed was that in the presidential debate, there was a lot more aggression, as this was a tactic used, mainly by Trump but by both candidates, to obtain their goal of winning. After watching this debate and seeing how the candidates have been perceived on various news sources and social media because of it, I have learned that demonstrating respect in a debate has a big influence on the outcome. His pattern of disrespectful behaviours have had many negative effects that extended well beyond the debate. Donald Trump has been referred to as a bully and made fun of for the ironic comment he made during the debate about having a better temperament than Hillary Clinton. I can apply this knowledge to my own life by making it a priority to constantly demonstrate respect to others. Although this is already of great importance to me, I can now see on a grand scale the negative effects that occur if one does not make this kind of effort to do so.